Hello and welcome to my webshop!

Rena Jansen is a bold, colorful and outspoken fashion label with a passion for sustainability and self-expression.

In 2018 I graduated with honours from the HKU in Utrecht (NL). After my studies, I did an internship at Walter Van Beirendonck, where I fell in love with print making and menswear.
In 2019 I founded my label and started working on a new collection named “Lovesick”. Lovesick is an ode to young love and the lessons we learn from our earliest experiences with romantic relationships. The collection will be part of the Clash House show at the digital edition of FASHIONCLASH Festival on February 26-28 2021.

Fashion to me should not be a contemporary collection that walks the runway once, but should live its own life through the people wearing it. For this reason, I wanted to make my work available to everyone and give people the chance to reinterpret my work through their own style.
As a fashion label I strive to be as sustainable as possible. Therefore, every piece is either made by me or produced locally within the Netherlands (with the exception of the socks, which are made in France). I also almost exclusively use ecological or recycled materials. In the future I want to be 100% sustainable, but this is still a work in process.

I love to create new things, so I am always open to commissions or collaborations. Interested? Get in contact with me through info@renajansen.com

To see more of my previous work, check out my website www.renajansen.com